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Moon in Venus

She lets out a laugh after my reading and then looks at me straight in the eyes:

—¿Is this what you’re looking for? — she asks inquisitively, taking my left hand and pressing it against my chest.

I agree, a bit disconcerted.

—You need an iridescent mother of pearl in a shell that lies in the depths of the ocean - she stops still for a moment and mutters something to herself…then she continues out loud: and silver and gold in an explosion of electric stars in miniature galaxies.

Then she sits down in her rocking chair and asks me to leave.

I went.

And I came back.

Moon in Venus is a collection of hand-made jewellery that gives energy and connects us to magic, to the universe, and to ourselves. A collection of silver coated pieces made of gold, with details in pearl that help us get in touch with our more feminine side, bringing sweetness and harmony.

Fotos : Esperanza Moya